• Building relationships of trust

    Who we are

    We are an ESG-focused water utility. We are social entrepreneurs who contribute to Water Sustainability and Wastewater Treatment and Reuse, leading to water security.

    Our vision is to align with the larger cause of public benefit. This has helped create not only sustainability for all but also a sustainable business for Vishvaraj.

    Focused on the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) route to come up with sustainable solutions along with the support of the Indian Government, our experience has resulted in evolution of our own “4P model”, where we have successfully put People as the centre of our planning & focus, to help us build effective solutions each day. We see huge opportunities in process improvement & effective implementation to elevate the standard of living for the citizens of the country.

    Our mission is to be Sustainable, Efficient and Accountable to People. We work towards building a society where every person has access to 24x7 uninterrupted supply of clean & safe drinking water. We pioneered India’s first successful full city project – 24x7 water supply to Nagpur, benefiting 2.7 million people.

    We are focused on building positive water security cycles through infrastructure. We pride ourselves on executing the first PPP project in India that provides tertiary treated water to thermal power stations, freeing up 190 MLD of fresh water that can take care of population growth for the next 25 years of the city of Nagpur.

    With more than 20 years of experience, we are spearheading social change through water to improve the lives of over 44 million people in the country. We have a combined operating capacity of over 3,338 MLD across 69 water and wastewater treatment & reuse plants. Recently, we expanded our footprint overseas by winning a project in Maldives.

    Today VEPL is amongst the top 20 global private water operators (GWI ranking) and has received several awards, including one for best practice by the Prime Minister of India.


    Our vision is to make India “Sujalam Sufalam” - a water secure and a water surplus nation, facilitated by a circular economy that conserves and effectively utilizes the precious natural resource of water


    To create sustainable, efficient & accountable environmental services and infrastructure, with participation of people by 4P model

    To align with the larger cause of public benefit.

    To undertake all that adds perceptible value to all stakeholders.

    To ensure balance between stakeholders and shareholders benefits

    Our Values

    Put people at the centre of our business – the 4th P

    Build relationships of trust through participation

    Commitment to get work done

    Technology and Innovation to improve processes

    From the CMD’s desk

    Exciting times ahead for emerging economies and more so for a country blessed with a young demography & entrepreneurial dynamism and decisive government that is India. I feel lucky & proud to be part of this era and contribute as VEPL in this vibrant growth story, particularly in sectors which affect lives of millions of human beings.
    We believe in creating value for ALL stakeholders by removing inefficiencies. We consider ourselves as social entrepreneurs since Water, Waste Water and Reuse; the sectors in which we have built our reputation are closely interwoven with the lives of people. As business, apart from value creation for shareholders they also impact the stake holders in a big way, thus offering enormous satisfaction to us for our life transforming work.
    With an understanding and sensitivity towards Indian culture, we see huge opportunities by improvising processes and effectively implementing the 4P model with the addition of a 4th P i.e. People —the citizens at large. In our opinion no business model can be sustainable in the long run without benefiting and involving the largest stakeholder i.e. the people.
    Our insistence on benefits to all stakeholders, ability to structure the proposals accordingly, flexibility and management skills, sensitivity towards Indian culture resulted in the successful acquisition, assimilation and execution of various such projects. I foresee an extremely exciting future for VEPL.

    Major Milestones till now

    India’s largest 24x7 water supply project in Nagpur on PPP in 50:50 JV with Veolia Water

    India’s Largest Waste Water Treatment Project on PPP

    India’s largest waste water treatment project on PPP – Bhandewadi STP

    India’s Largest Waster Water Reuse Project on PPP

    Correct the spelling of ‘Waste’ and add – India’s largest waste water reuse project on PPP - Bhandewadi STP

    VEPL’s foray into International Market at Maldives



    External Credit Ratings

    Vishvaraj Environment Private Limited :- "CRISIL A"

    Nagpur Waste Water Management Private Limited :- IND A+/Positive

    Maheshtala Waste Water Management Private Limited :- "BBB, stable" - under construction SPV

    Chandrapur Waste Water Management Private Limited : "BBB-, stable" - under construction SPV