Water Supply to 435 Habitations in Hassan district, Karnataka

Sr. No Particulars Details
  1 Client Name Rural Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation Division
  2 Population (In lacs) 2.15 Lacs
  3 Project Model (PPP    / PPP-      HAM/EPC/O&M) EPC + O&M
  4 Project Model (PPP /  PPP-  HAM/EPC/O&M) This project aims to establish a reliable and sustainable rural water supply system. Key components include a comprehensive survey, detailed project report (DPR) preparation and approval, construction of a 17MLD Water Treatment Plant, rising mains, overhead tanks (OHTs), Zonal Balancing Reservoirs (ZBTs). Proposed Scheme has to cover totally 435 Habitations of C.R.Patna Taluk. A SCADA system will enable remote control and monitoring, while GIS mapping will support asset management.  The project concludes with a handover to RDWSSD 3 years of successful operation and maintenance, with a strong focus on safety and environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance.
  5 WTP capacity in MLD 17MLD 
  6 Status (Under    Construction /  Completed) Under Construction