Water Supply Scheme in Daryapur, Amravati, Maharashtra

Sr. No Particulars Details
  1 Client Name Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran- MH
  2 Population (In lacs) 2.16 Lacs
  3 Project Model (PPP    / PPP-      HAM/EPC/O&M) EPC + O&M
  4 Brief Scope

Combined water supply scheme for 156 Villages & 2 Towns(Anjangaon & Daryapur),Tq. Daryapur, Anjangaon, Bhatkuli Dist. Amravati( Under JJM)

Bhankheda & 7 Villages Regional Rural Water Supply Schemes,Tq. Amravati, Dist. Amravati (Under JJM)

Talegaon Dashasar Water Supply scheme Tq. Dhamangaon , Dist. Amravati (Under JJM)

Construction of 10MLD WTP at Daryapur

Construction of 1.5MLD WTP at Bhankheda

Construction of 2.5MLD WTP at Talegaon

Refurbishment of 50MLD at Daryapur

Installation of Solar Plants at all WTPs

  5 WTP capacity in MLD -
  6 Status (Under    Construction /  Completed) Under Construction