48 MLD Water Treatment Plant of Mango, Jamshedpur

Sr. No Particulars Details
  1 Project Name Operation and Maintenance work of Mango Water Supply Consisting of nrain features such as W.T.P of capacity 48.0 MLD (to be supplied 40 MLD), tlack wash recovery system, Intake works at Swarnrekha River, Raw water rising mains 700 mm dia D.l. K-9 -3.90 Kms. from Swarnrekha River to W.T.P., Clear water rising mains D.l. K-9 250 mm to 500 mm-20.65 kms & Distribution main 100mm to 800 mm dia D.l K-7 pipe- 246-844km,4 nos. of New ESR and 1 No. existing old ESR, and 6 Nos different capacity of New UGR for the year 2019-20 on Turn Key Basis excluding the energy cost
  2 Client Name Drinking Water & Sanitation Department, Ranchi
  3 Population (In lacs) 3.15
  4 Project Model (PPP    / PPP-      HAM/EPC/O&M) O & M
  5 Brief Scope O & M of WTP
  6 WTP capacity in MLD 48 MLD
  7 Status (Under    Construction /  Completed) Completed