Agra NMCG Project (PPP-HAM)

Sr. No Particulars Details
  1 Client Name Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam (UPJN) & National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG)
  2 Population (In lacs) 48 lacs
  3 Project Model (PPP    / PPP-      HAM/EPC/O&M) PPP-  HAM
  4 Brief Scope

Package I - Northern and Tajganj Zone-

Construction of a new centralized 31 MLD STP and several decentralized STPs in the Northern and Tajganj Zones of Agra, along with the installation of a SCADA system, a new main pumping station, rising mains, gravity sewers, and I&D structures. Additionally, the project encompasses the development of a 15-year O&M plan integrated with a CMMS system to ensure long-term sustainability and efficient operation of the upgraded wastewater treatment infrastructure.

Package II - Eastern Zone -

This project focuses on the Eastern Zone of Agra and includes the development of a centralized 35 MLD STP at Peelakhar, along with decentralized STPs at various locations to optimize wastewater treatment. It entails the implementation of a comprehensive SCADA system, construction of a new main pumping station (MPS), installation of rising mains and gravity sewers, and the establishment of I&D structures. The project also incorporates a 15-year O&M plan integrated with a CMMS system to ensure long-term efficiency and sustainability of the wastewater infrastructure.

Package III - Dhandhupura (New) -

Development of a large-scale 100 MLD STP at Dhandhupura, with a focus on biogas generation for potential CNG production. It involves the implementation of a distributed and centralized SCADA system for monitoring, the construction of a new high-capacity MPS at Khairati Tola, installation of substantial rising mains using PSC pipes, and a trenchless gravity sewer segment using MS pipes. Additionally, an effluent disposal channel will be constructed, and the project includes a 15-year O&M plan integrated with a CMMS system for long-term operational efficiency.

  5  STP capacity in MLD 100, 35, 31 MLD
  6  Status (Under Construction / Completed) Under Construction