24x7 Water Supply Scheme in Basavkalyan, Karnataka

SL no Particulars Details
  1   Client Name City Municipal Council (CMC) Basavakalyan. Implementing authority is Karnataka Unban Infrastructure Development & Finance Corporation Ltd (KUIDFC)
  2   Population in lacs 0.70 lacs
  3   Project model (EPC/O&M EPC + O&M
  4   Brief Scope

Construction of Water treatment plant with allied Works Including operation and Maintenance for 05 years .
The main Objective is to implement capital works required for effective 24X7 Water supply
The Overall objective of water construction of WTP at Mundepally to deliver a continuous , Pressurized supply of safe and potable water for the entire city popullation of area under Basavakalyan city .

The Project comprises on 3 parts .

1) The Phase 1 Is construction of WTP and allied pipe line and Supply , installation Works instrumention works

2) The Phase II is trail run 3 months of instrumention fixing work and presurre raised potable water supply in entire Basavakalyan city .

3) The Phase III is Operation maintence works for entire city 24X7 water supply in Basavakaly city

  5   WTP capacity in MLD (9.08+6.8) 15.88 MLD
  6   Status ( under Construction /Completed ) Construction works completed
O & M works is under progress